Tech for Seva

Tech for Seva is a conference that provides a platform for NGOs, scientists, innovators, academic and corporate institutions towards building sustainable solutions for inclusive growth and improved quality of life by appropriately using Science and Technology interventions. The aim to build an integrated networking platform gives immense opportunities for prospective partnerships towards community development.
The conference had paper and poster presentations highlighting problems that were addressed and success stories. It showcased relevant and appropriate technology along with solutions manifested into reality. It organized a student competition where students highlighted the use of technology to solve social problems.

TFS – A platform for exploring synergistic opportunities


Stakeholder Contributes Look for
NGO Knowledge of ground realities on social issues Tech solutions from scientific community
and resources from corporates
Scientist and Technocrats Technological solutions and skill sets Application areas and partners in research and implementation
Corporates and CSR Resources and management skills Partnering in sustainable social and research projects

More than 1000 delegates participated in the last two conference dedicated to four themes.


  • It gives opportunity to work towards technology innovations based on traditional knowledge
  • Focus on women, children and elderly population
  • Educating people on nutrition, traditional medicines and health practises
  • Information and educating people on disease prevention, low-cost vaccinations, bio, and nanotechnology for health


  • Water: Harvesting, purification, waste water treatment, water shed management
  • Energy: Generation, conservation, non conventional (solar, wind, biomass etc.)
  • Waste Management: Low cost solutions, etc.
  • Biodiversity: Information awareness and conservation


  • To provide creative and innovative education access, equity, quality and inclusion,
  • To provide ICT based education
  • To provide vocational education, value education, industry & academic interaction
  • To provide technology for education and education for technology.


  • To provide science and technology for sustainable rural livelihood
  • To encourage and educate people on NTFP (Non Timber Forest Products) as a resource for livelihood
  • Mechanization for enhancing efficiency and reducing drudgery of farming community specially women and small farmers in agriculture
  • Conserving local genetic resources