Why Samutkarsha?

Samutkarsha project is an initiative to eradicate / eliminate certain drawbacks such that by doing so we can contribute towards the betterment of society at large.

What is Samutkarsha?

Samutkarsha aims towards wholesome and integrated urban slum development through education, health and self-reliance.


Join the cause towards a betterment of the society.


What is Samutkarsha?

The word Samutkarsha means holistic and integrated development.

Samutkarsha project was initiated with an objective of transforming urban slum lives. The project aims towards wholesome and integrated urban slum development through education, health and self-reliance.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Education plays a vital role in overall development of an individual, family and society at large. It transforms lives and give ray of hope from darkness to light.

Samutkarsha project focuses on the education aspect through:

  • Study centre (Abhyasikas) Samutkarsha project provides educational support to the children from slums through Abhyasikas. The Abhyasikas educate these children right from their academics to value education and computer literacy. The Abhyasikas devote their time on developing emotional intelligence of the children through value education also known as Sanskar Varg. Value education plays an integral role overall development of children thus making them socially responsible citizens in all aspects. Healthy mind and body is a perfect combination. Physical exercises, sports, outbound camps and excursions, social events are regularly planed and organized. Samutkarsha project has about 46 dedicated Abhyasikas across Pune city. These Abhyasikas facilitate learning for students from standard 1 to 10 with the focus on Mathematics, Science and Social Science subjects.
  • Libraries “Aksharbharti” is a library initiative under Samutkarsha project. To inculcate reading habits and increase general awareness, we have one library per study centre. Today, we have a whopping number of over 10000 books are available at 45 libraries with each library having more than 200 books.
  • Computer education Needless to say computer literacy contributes significantly towards child’s education. Over 37 Abhyasikas have access to computers and ensure students undergo basic computer training.
  • Counselling centers Samutkarsha project is equipped with professional as well as voluntary counsellors majorly focusing on a girl child as they face emotional challenges due to lack of education, early marriage, poor health and hygiene and financial dependency.


Samutkarsha project aims towards an integrated health and hygiene program for adolescent girls mentoring, providing preventive healthcare and vaccinations, guidance on good-affordable nutrition for better health. The project runs various awareness campaigns through workshops, documentary films, street plays.

The health and hygiene dimension of Samutkarsha projects covers:

Basic hygiene through knowledge sharing workshops and on varied factors such as:

  • Hygiene practices in cooking and eating
  • Basic awareness campaigns over simple yet important issues such as cutting nails, washing hands, using mosquito net, etc.
  • Awareness campaigns on potential threats like HIV and TB
Healthcare: The project initiates periodic health check-ups especially for children and women. Awareness campaigns and availability of required vaccination for children is organized with the help from PMC and by involving local community groups.

Malnutrition with an aim of prevention and eradication for infants, children and pregnant women is organized through counselling by doctors. Workshops are held on health and low cost high nutrition food options.


Samutkarsha project focuses on developing financial independence and self worth through self reliance dimensions.

Self Help Groups (SHGs) is a tools for economic empowerment and capacity building of women. Alongside developing financial capacity the project aims towards strengthening ones money management, production and marketing and packaging skills. All these aspects together contributes towards a better and sustained financial stability.

Vocational education and guidance: Samutkarsha project provides vocational education and guidance to youths through experts. Youths are provided support on skill enhancement and development to make them employable. This is done through short term certification courses and IT education.

Why Samutkarsha?

Samutkarsha project is an initiative to eradicate / eliminate certain drawbacks such that by doing so we can contribute towards the betterment of society at large.

Some facts about slums:

  • Approximate 40% of Pune’s population lives in over 550 slums
  • Growth rate of population in Pune city is 4.14 %, but slums continue to grow at a higher rate of 6.06%. (Ref: Census 2001)
  • Children living in slums are deprived of an environment conducive to studying. Only 1 of 20 children in a slum get an opportunity to opt for higher studies
  • The average toilet to a person ration is 1:71 with insufficient water for cleaning
  • Worsening hygienic living conditions with no proper drainage system and unavailability of water
  • Lack of parental guidance leads young children to addictions, crime, fights, verbal and physical abuse.
  • Adolescent girls in slums are not counselled about physical and emotional changes. Lack of freedom at home, early marriage and family responsibilities at a young age lead to depression


At Seva Sahayog our Volunteering philosophy is based on GROW:

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RELATE better with Others

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