Highlights of Walk for Seva 2018

  • Over 5000 socially conscious citizens of Pune are expected to participate in WFS 2018
  • WFS 2018 Leadership Meet will bring together corporate and social leaders on one platform
  • Publish the impact of various Seva Sahayog Programs:
    • Samutkarsha (community learning center) Program
    • Women Empowerment Program
    • Kishori Vikas (adolescent girl child) program
  • Corrective measures based on the report will be presented and deliberated
  • Orientation on how you can contribute towards society during the program

About Walk for Seva

Walk for Seva (WFS) is an initiative by Seva Sahayog with an objective of transforming urban slum life through education, health and self-reliance through Samutkarsha, an intergrated slum development program.

Samutkarsha program

Samutkarsha literally means holistic and integrated development. The project aims to plan and execute different activities for wholesome development of urban slum population.
Samutkarsha program is designed to reach over 100 slums in Pune in the next two years.

The program works on three aspects:

  • Education: Focus on development in academics through Study Centres (Abhyasikas), libraries and computer education.
  • Health: Health and hygiene program for adolescent girls mentoring, providing preventive healthcare and vaccinations, guidance on good-affordable nutrition for better health.
  • Self-reliance: The most crucial element of better living. Vocation training is imparted to develop skills needed for job. Self help groups are formed to provide a chance to be independent.

Women Empowerment

We aspire to make women from slums financially independent by enabling their capacity to earn livelihood for their family. Women empowerment programs are conducted for the women from slums and underprivileged section of the society.

These programs focus on making women financially independent and self-reliant. Under this program different skill development training's are conducted and women are encouraged to apply those skills for their betterment and livelihood.

Kishori Vikas Prakalp

The program works on three aspects:

Samutkarsha team identified that adolescent girls from the slums were facing challenges due to lack of support. These girls had developed low self-esteem due to lack of awareness during changes in adolescence. This was leading to problems such as health and hygiene issues, early marriages and problems during pregnancy and motherhood.

Some of the girls were also trapped in vicious problems, misled attraction and much more serious problems such as human trafficking which may not be directly solved but can be mitigated if the girls are empowered. In cognizance to the above issue, Kishore Vikas Prakalp was initiated to empower the girl child. Through KVP we build rapport with adolescent girls in slums by regular interactions and create a support system for the empowerment of the girl child as well as young women.

Under KVP adolescent girls are educated and trained on various aspects of health and hygiene, regular health checkups are conducted, activity based trainings are organized, diet awareness programs are held and sports activities are performed. Over 250 girls from 8 slums are benefited from KVP in the last two years.

Impact from WFS 2017

The WFS 2017 was held on January 22, 2017 witnessed overwhelming response from over thousands of student Abhyasika’s (study centers run by Seva Sahayog) with another thousand of professionals and dignitaries from various organizations across Pune.


  • Abhyasikas increased from 25 to 46
  • Abhyasikas reach increased across Pune from Nigdi (PCMC) to Phursungi (PMC)
  • Over 150 passionate company volunteers teach on weekends
  • CLC now has over 120 trained part-time teachers and 6 full time coordinators
  • More than 3500 underprivileged students attend CLC programs daily.
  • 37 Abhyasikas have access to computers during training
  • A whooping number of over 10000 books are available at 45 libraries with each library having more than 200 books


  • Over 200 girls have received guidance on various issues through 10 KVP centers


  • 200 Students benefited from ‘Student Scholarship Program’ sponsored by our CSR partner
  • An in-depth assessment was conducted for students from class 1st to 10th


  • Women Empowerment Program kick started with support from our CSR partners
  • Over 1000 households were surveyed to access training needs for women
  • More than 100 women has undergone computer education and soft skills training
  • Over 400 women were trained to make different salable products
  • Over 300 women directly benefitted from revenue generation activity through Seva Fair